I believe in efficiency of a design. I believe that good design can be made by good collaboration with client.
Minimalistic is my way of visual communication.
Jernej Tratnik - digital designer

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About me / skills

I am a visual type of person so I have always been fond of design. Up until now and beyond I gaze to do design which is better than previous one. Design is always about learning new things. I make sure that web pages, application interfaces, logos, visual language and graphics are useful, human-friendly and aesthetical awesome. Beside design and it’s user experience thing, I also love making HTML and CSS markup language which is pretty awesome :). And when I am not designing, my lifestyle is video games, music, sports, and design (again). Make sure to contact me below.







Bootstrap 3



Demola / Marand

Member of winning team. Developing ideas and design for electronic health record application on smartphones. Read more



Member of winning team. Challange was to create an add campain for swimming pool company Stotinka. Read more

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